Nike+ Run Club App Reviews

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I use apple watch 2 for running and then I sinc data with Iphone app. It almost many runs I have no maps loaded on the App or Web site, wrong speed loaded on app, (correct speed on web site) and HR frequency missing at all on app (good on web site). Please try to fix and test better the app before to release it.

Love this app.

Super helpful. Highly recommend.

Fantastic app

Impressive, well designed app. I probably shouldnt say this, but Im kinda surprised its free.

Its not working

I bought my Nike Apple Watch yesterday and NRC is not working at all on my watch its keep loading for ever????

Kevin Hart

Love this app but could use a few improvements... displaying current heart rate for a start. And possibly having Kevin Hart talk to you the whole time instead of the monotone chick. Sometimes all you need is a good laugh to get through the "everything hurts and Im dying" phase!

Great app for starting to run again!

The Nike+ Run Club is a great app for starting to run again. It has simple plans that push you, and help you run! Wonderful app!

Great app

I love the new app design. Even though it has many of the features I love it seems a bit crowded and cluttered. I just like to run and keep track of My runs..... all the extraneous features regarding music and shoe sales and photo taking seem a bit too much for me.

Big improvement!

Great app! 4 stars because it could be more responsive when you stop/start running


HORRIBLE!!!!!! I used to love this app. For years it was my only running app. But then this. What on gods green earth did they do here?? Everything is either complicated, removed or just plain horrible. Nike, if youre reading these complaints, GO BACK TO THE OLD APP!!! IF IT AINT BROKE, DONT FIX IT!!!!

More options

For the most part the Nike app is good. Although I wish you werent so restricted on what you can do with it. Be nice if you could set it up for different distances in the same session. Like when your doing interval workouts. The ability to be able to set your watch or phone up to track multiple distances within the same workout would be amazing. Run 400 meter then stride out for 2 or 300 meters and then pick it back up. Or if you want to do repeat 400s with a 90 second break in between. Idk but the ability to be able to program multiple things within a single workout would be a very useful thing that many would take advantage of. I know Id be ecstatic to have that option.

Really bad

Compared to the intern Apple Watch Running App, really corrupt gps data. No audio-feedback if you run without iPhone!

Great App

This app is great, especially when coupled with the training app. No complaints for the ideology of and methods it uses. As for performance wise theres no connectivity with the Apple watch portion of it... When Im running and the phone is locked on my arm I dont want to get out of rhythm by unlocking the phone and hating at the number upside down while squinting to see if its 1 min or 7 mins left in the run. I want to simply raise my wrist and keep running. Nevertheless the app is great the design is the best and the playlist add some spice to the run...

GPS map missing very frequent

I bought an Nike+ Apple Watch and expected to run with the watch only and still recorded the track. But the app is so inconsistent that over 50% chance the map is missing. Please fix it or there is no point to buy Apple Watch Series 2

First run with the watch. I ended the run, saw the route map yet it doesnt sync on my phone. Frustrating cause at the same time i'm doing a running challenge that needs to clock your run officially. Help please.

It could be better

Overall, I enjoy the new re-design. The app can act up sometimes, I ended up turning off Auto Pause Run. It would pause when running and even if I was changing songs. Very sensitive!! For one of the best footwear companies, I would expect them to have a flawless running app. Keep on pushing!


Great app since the beginning been able to track my runs since 2011-present. I do miss the old challenge setup and the ability to enact with runners that motivated me more. But the improvements that the app has made makes up for the things I miss such as adding runs when Im not using my Nike watch (treadmill). Now, I cannot input my runs in manually without it inputting it incorrectly such as the "pace" ugh

This app

motivate me so much.

Came back to Nike only to be more disappointed than ever.

I used Nike+ for years training for my marathons. It was not as advanced as other programs, but had enough informaiton to make my training plan work. As my skills increased, I had to find an app that was more functional. I thought I would try coming back to Nike+ when they came out with the new upgraded Apple Watch. With the new Nike+ Run Club, they dumbed it down where it is all but useless. Finally, we got heart monitoring, but no map tracking anymore even though I have to carry my phone? I thought by Nike now emphasizing it integration with Apple Watch, that they would have really put some effort into this app and updated their website. Instead, I get tons of ads for Nike products and the layout for my training data is so bare bonee that it is usless for training purposes. Instead, I get pretty pictures of runners and links to their next big products. I am disappointed in both Apple and Nike for not even trying to make this a serious app.

Great Update

Much better. Now can listen to entire playlist on iTunes streaming Apple Music playlist.

Map of run route still not showing

The instruction to view the map seem pretty simple but NOT WORKING. No matter how many times I installed and uninstall this app, the map still not showing. Can Nike solve this issue already?

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