Nike+ Run Club App Reviews

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Très belle application

Ok nothing to report

Ok nothing to report


Great app with good connectivity and interaction!



Very good

I was a great of the old version. But when this version came out I got a little bit upset, however now I can see that the new app is much better. Thank you to the developers.

Not so sure

Tiny light grey font on a white screen? How is one supposed to read that? Every update to the screws up ones personal settings e.g. I tend to have voice feedback disabled but with an update its enabled again. Which brings me to the next point that you cannot change your settings while you have a run active.

The new version is disaster

The new version is disaster . I like the old one

Challanges where removed

The app got useless for me


Went from being a great running app to some really bad joke of social media/ lifestyle platform. Hate it

Good app - potential on Apple Watch

Good app with iPhone Potential with Apple Watch: please integrate pace and heart rate in actual and average

Really bad

Compared to the intern Apple Watch Running App, really corrupt gps data. No audio-feedback if you run without iPhone!

Bad update!

Why is a running app trying to be like Facebook or Instagram. I hate the feed aspect of it. I dont want to see the random tips and plans. I liked the old version better. Keep a running app simple. it has too many functions now. I had to restart my phone and it wont download again. Inconsistent app.

Terrible syncing between Watch and iPhone

Seriously, Nike... Get it together! I used to LOVE this app before the big overhaul. It used to be a little bit slow in syncing between my Apple Watch and iPhone 6, but now it doesnt even work. If I start a run on my watch, a run is NOT started on my iPhone. And if I start a run on my iPhone, a run is NOT started on my watch. The only time there is somewhat of a sync at all is when I start a run on both Watch and iPhone independently. Unfortunately when I do this, my iPhone has a tendency to auto-start, stop, start, stop a run over and over again... And the worst part... Both devices register distances separately. So yesterday I went on a run which is typically 9KM... My iPhone registered the usual 9KM as an indoor run and my Watch registered 8KM as an outdoor run. Please please PLEASE fix this asap, otherwise Im going to be forced to switch apps.

Still freezes. Wont Sync.

My runs still arent syncing to the health app. Attempting to play music makes the whole app freeze. Id really like to continue using this app. Please fix! Thanks


This is a lot worse than the previous app. Try Strava or something else.

What happened?

In a nutshell: this version was designed for people who run — by people who dont. /:

I love it

Just got the app and I love it. A lot of people dont like it, as I can see, but I think its good soooo!!!!

Too many glitches

New app has too many glitches.

Bring back the old app!

Ive been using the Nike + Running app for years but theyve completely abandoned it with his sorry dumpster fire excuse of a replacement. BRING BACK THE OLD APP!


I still cant log into my account, and I cant use the app without an account. Still a piece of junk.

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