Nike+ Run Club App recensioner


Enough said

Still lame

Enough said!


Disaster, all my kilometers I have run are gone!

Update = Downgrade

Didnt save my lasy run... very anoying.

So far so good

buggy & unreliable

i want to like his app so bad, but occasionally after i complete a run it decides to not record it, which is bonkers. sometimes it knows exactly how long i’ve ran for, but then mysteriously doesn’t map the course. it’s the most frustrating thing in the world to not have your long hard efforts recorded, and that’s why i’m switching back to strava.


Sometimes works. Mostly doesn’t

Nike run app

Awesome 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ a must have for everybody who likes to run,walk,track steps,etc just give it a try can’t go wrong

Fake Challenges

I understand the point of these changes but if Nike keeps allowing manual entry of miles there are users faking their mileage. The world record for miles in one day is 188 some how multiple users smash this record every week. Silliness.

Not the best

Super upset that the app deleted my farthest run ( a marathon) and I cannot even find that run anymore on the app. A part from that, the app has a lag when toggling through its functions.

Can we view shorter splits?

The app is not straight forward. I feel like there are some obvious features every running app has that I can’t access. How do you view 1/2, 1/4, etc. mile splits? I can’t figure it out. If they’re not an option, why?


I've tried many different sports applications for running, but for me NikeRun is the best and most convenient, with my motivations, promotions and victories

Music controls??

Apple Watch music controls? Don’t suppose we could get some? After all I do have a Nike Apple Watch with this app baked in and I have Apple Music. I’d like to get my $ worth on both. Just saying. Please stop turning auto pause on every time I launch the app on my watch. I want it off forever!! Did I mention music controls?!? I want that $h!t

Very good coach for running

Makes me run everyday

An amazing app

Just an almost perfect to as a runner. Currently running in the Nike Epic React Flyknit. Also my first review I’ve ever written on an iPhone, and my first iPhone was the 4. That’s lets you know wassup.

Nike Run Crashes

Nike Run Crashes

Basic functionality requests.

This app and Apple Watch would be perfect if they were just a little more user friendly. I actually want to give this more stars but the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Here are my 2 recommendations 1) Please show cumulative times next to splits in the post run analysis. Garmin does this and it is awesome! 2) Please make an easier way to instantly pause the clock. This could be an Apple issue but if there is anyway to add some functionality to the app so that the buttons on the side of the watch can control the timer users would be very happy. With a touch screen swiping, double tapping, or waiting 2 seconds are just not practical ways to stop a clock when you’re on a serious run. Most runners try not to stop at all but if you are in an urban environment cars and people appear out of nowhere and require a little skilled time management. GPS is also far from perfect so if doing a time trial on a track it is nice to focus on finishing the run at the finish line and knowing your time rather than trying get the touch screen to work properly. If any Nike app developers read this please understand that little convinces like this make a world of difference for runners. It just seems silly that we can still get more accuracy out of a $30 dollar stop watch than a GPS enabled smart watch. Please focus on the basics first.

Where did my plan go?!?

I’ve used this app for about 2 years now. I’ve been happy with it but I just updated and now my half marathon plan was deleted. How do I get it back?

No more music

Used to be able to listen to music through other apps during my run, but now it doesn't allow that at all. Instead, it's trying to force me to link my Spotify account through this app which gives me far fewer controls over what I listen to. Not useful for me at all any more. Switching back MapMyRun now.

Keeps me going

Love the app. Source of motivation. Already looking forward to my next pair of shoes.

Guided runs are terrible

The coach blathers on for 5 minutes, then gives you pertinent info- you think you should be doing a warm up then it turns out you’re supposed to be sprinting! Terrible.

I love this app!!!!

This is app is simply amazing it cheers you on !!! It tracks your progress- The distance - Your Pace etc!!

Great Motivator

Keeps me going!

Why fix what was not broken???

After using this app for over ten years I’ve decided to delete it due to how increasingly bad it became. The run doesn’t always start, my music doesn’t always start when my run does, and when it does, it plays for a few seconds before it begins the next song for some reason. Then it won’t play any music at all. I HATE THIS APP

Love the Nike app

Love 💗 it

Back to crashing!

UPDATE: Four mangled runs in a row after showing some stability improvement with the new update. What is going on with this app? 5.13.1 - Upping my rating for now (temporarily 3 stars), seems to be getting better. 5.12.1 - Another messed up route map on the first run. 5.12.0 - So far, not so good! Two runs since updating and completely reinstalling watch app. One generated a map that looked like I transcended time & space, and one crashed when completing & showed up in the history with .4 miles missing. 5.11.2 - Still crashing when attempting to complete most runs. App tries to reboot several times and then resumes runs with the elapsed time since crashing added while you're standing still pressing on the watch face, slowing the average pace. When you have to manually edit the runs, you lose mile splits and other run data. Sometimes runs will sync with ~.25 miles added to or subtracted from routes which makes the pace wonky. Please test and fix the bugs for AW2 Nike+ Edition users. It has been a laggy, buggy, crashing mess since October!

Coach run keeps crashing

I left Nike Run Club for a few years due to glitches. After getting my Apple Watch 3 I decided to give it a try. I have been doing a Coaching program for two weeks. I have yet to have a run where the app did not start my run over after a few minutes. The app restarted 3 times today while trying to do a simple 15 minute benchmark run. Guess it’s time to switch back to Runkeepr.

Excelente app

Definitivamente la app sufrió un revamp interesante y me gusta la experiencia que tengo con la app al correr. Su diseño es muy intuitivo y agradable. Felicidades! 5 estrellas.


Just dont work. It has one function and it cant be done correctly. 🖕🏽🖕🏽

Personal Records do Not fully Sync!

App did NOT sync my run route with my phone. All other stats transferred, but it just shows some circle pattern instead of the run route. The same route I’ve run hundreds of times over the past 5 years. It’s like I had a great run but NRC App on Apple Watch Nike+ never bothered to record route!!!!!!

Excuse me?!?!?

I have had Nike training for a while. I got this app, and since I don’t run, I looked at it then deleted it. When I went back in to Nike Training the next day to do my workout, it says that I am already in a plan, to open this app, and I can’t complete the plan I was in before this. I was on the 3rd week out of 4 too!! I am so upset, I was doing so good and then this app messed it all up! Can you please fix this?

Thorough enjoy this app

I really appreciate this app. It has been the only app I’ve found that lets me track my runs for free. It’s great for seeing how much progress I’ve made on my runs because I can go back and look at previous runs from up to a year ago. I love the mechanics of it and find it very helpful in my workouts. My only complain is that it is a little confusing trying to find where everything is at first, but after a while of using it everything becomes less confusing. I will continue recommending this app to my workout buddies

Super buggy with Apple Watch

I have opened numerous support ticket. But the usual answer is to unpair my Apple watch and uninstall and reinstall. The app on the watch is super unresponsive when I want to start a run. It takes over 30 seconds of clicking on my watch to start a run. It is also the same responsive time to stop a run. It is a shame since all my run history is here. I have given up and moved over to Strava.

Too inconsistent with Apple Watch

Very attractive app. Well designed. In-run adjusting of readouts is nice and simple. Pairing experience with Apple Watch is unclear and frustrating. When running solo with watch and no phone, the help site’s recommendation for ensuring you have a good GPS fix is basically, “go outside and good luck”.

Update broke the app

Doesn’t work at all. I hit start workout and it starts the timer but no gps tracking activates. Useless. On an iPhone 6s running iOS 11.2.6.

I’m bailing too

Had been a user for 3 yrs- dealt with the crashing off and on the whole way, but when i got new headphones with heart rate monitoring, Nike support admitted their app wouldn’t work with it (Bose). Plans to fix? They wouldn’t say. Switched to Strava and it works fine.

Nike Run + is fantastic!!

Nike Run + is amazing! I love unlocking new achievements, knowing my pace, organizing my runs to help me set goals, mapping my runs, and challenging my friends. I’ve struggled with obesity my whole life and I’ve lost it and am now keeping it off. This app is a huge help to keep me moving!! 🚀

A must have

If you are a runner you must get this. Many useful options.

It’s getting better

I love running, I believe in what Nike stood for, from its humble beginnings until now. A run is about being just a little bit better then you were the day before, it’s about freedom. About leaving stress, or the things that “bog” you down behind. At least for that little bit of time you’re running. I feel like those statements also hold true for this app. The app is better then it was, and I believe it will continue to be better. In the future however I want to see the interface be more intuitive, less “bogged” down. I want the freedom of what a run feels like to translate into this app. I love the coach runs, I love the podcasts with coach Bennet. I love the challenges. Running is about the individual and as soon as I log Into this app the center of it all should be about me/ the individual. Then secondly: intuitively be more apart of my friends running. One example is, I would like to see their run color, and be more interactive with them (I do like the “cheering on”) and their trophy’s. Also I definitely want to see the run club be more local. Or be able to set up a run club meet locally through the app. I have a love hate relationship with this app, I have a billion ideas for this thing, but totally have faith that they will get it right. That it will be better tomorrow then it is today.

Awesome app!

Great app, very easy to use and sleek. Motivates you to want to run everyday and log your miles. I like that there is a notes feature so you can track your process and progress beyond just seeing your miles increase.


Great app it would be nice to be able to Message friends through the app

Love this App

It keeps restarting during my workouts and it’s infuriating

Indoor distance adjustment

The app’s distance measurement when running indoors is too inaccurate (25%+ more) and it still refuses to adjust its estimations, despite numerous manual adjustments I make after the runs. Manually adjusting erases pace data, but I’d rather have the right distance reflected. I believe this adjustment was possible before and should be made available again.

Coaching nice. Cross app sync—sucks.

Come on now Nike. I’ve been a user of this app and its predecessor since 2013. I am seriously considering removing you from my lineup. What freaking difference does it make to you that I want my workouts also tracked with Strava? You are blocking export. This shows a lack of respect for your customers. Do you really think you will overtake Strava with running as your only tracked sport?


Minor bugs but all over amazing app

Ok, But Fix Shoe

It’s a good app and great integration with Apple Watch, however, PLEASE fix the glitch when you add your shoe to the run - the entire app freezes. Also, no elevation tracking if using watch only? Everything else is good.

No Heart Rate w/ Apple Watch

Picked up a series 3 Apple Watch with LTE as I’ll be running my first marathon this year. Even snagged the Nike+ version. I was really excited. A few months and updates later, more often than not, I get no heart rate data from the watch. This happens both when a run is initiated on my watch or from my phone (also wearing the watch during these runs). Maybe I should have stuck to the Garmin? Also, some Coached training runs have voiceovers, others do not (no rhyme or reason for this, that I can tell). Yes, I have checked that all categories are available to NRC and that Workout Power Saving Mode is disabled.


Going 2 years no issues

Great! (But sluggish)

It’s a great app! Good features, nice community. Great with connection to the gps and route map. But seriously: it is so sluggishly slow! Every time I open it! Every time i get this feeling it’s crashed, but nope: just a slow and not very responsive app

Damaging to your brand

Nike’s inability to produce a stable mobile application has severely damaged it’s brand. Then, when you factor in how poorly the Apple Watch app works in conjunction with the iPhone app and it makes me want to move away from Nike altogether. Much smaller companies are able to produce a stable mobile app, shouldn’t Nike be able to with all their resources?!?!


Can’t launch anymore. Crashes immediately.

No live pace

Mine stopped showing live run pace. All other apps show live run pace but the Nike app just all of a sudden stopped. Very frustrating.

Doesn’t sync map route or elevation

Since the last update, my runs no longer show the map route or elevation. The calories seem much more inflated as well. Really liked the app to this point. If it stays like this I will ditch NRC for something else.

Love this app

It’s amazing! You can add your runs if you forget and it tracks your pace. This app is great!

Need performance improvement.

Need a app performance improvement. Also would love to see if NRC can offer tips on food and diet after every run. Keep running !

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