Nike+ Run Club App recensioner


Enough said

Still lame

Enough said!


Disaster, all my kilometers I have run are gone!

Update = Downgrade

Didnt save my lasy run... very anoying.

So far so good


So my wife and I both have Apple Watch Series 3. We try to do guided runs and start with the beginner stuff. It has option to play First Run soundtrack along with guided run but said soundtrack is nowhere to be found on Apple Music. I don’t and won’t use Spotify and Nike+ support is nonexistent. The app looks nice but has no clear way to find and play suggested soundtrack that goes with guided run. Why have it there if it’s not available? Really needs to be a plain and simple way to choose the run and have the Nike music play and get to it.

Buggy!! And useless!!

Cannot start workout from watch sometimes and had to re-install and sync watch again. Cannot sync apple workout with this app... wow .... i wouldn’t need to sync apple workout if this app, at minimum, could do what its mainly supposed to track a run ..

Love Nike app!

It really keeps me motivated! I enjoy the challenges, it helps me be accountable!!

Good but slow and glitchy

I love Nike and haven’t really had any issues with any products. However, as of the last 6 or so months the Nike+ run app on the Apple Watch has been super glitchy and really slow. It’s been pretty frustrating. It still works and tacks but it periodically crashes and is very slow to respond when trying to start/pause/end a run.

Updates or enhancements

It would be nice to see things like pace, and speed like other running apps.

Just do it!

Great running pal and motivator!

Siri Shortcuts / Workflow Support

The new Shortcuts app refuses to recognize NRC when creating a new shortcut. Please fix this!


Rarely if ever connects to Spotify. Other than that 👌. Oh also give it a horizontal view when running, also give it an option to view in lock screen

Great for running

Love the surprise celebrity guest

Terrible App gets worse and worse

This app gets worse and worse. I have the Apple nike+ S2 watch and it’s slow, laggy and crashes. Just got back from another run, app crashed and I lost my run. I’m over it. It always forgets the pairing with the watch and wants to be set up again. Doesn’t start when you hit begin, or stop when clicking stop. It’s so buggy. Maybe instead of worrying about a social feed and sharing, just work on doing accurate reliable run recording. I’m ready to switch to strava. Sad to loose my years for run tracking.

Usain Bolt who?

JK love this app so much though.

Won’t start a workout

Just recently the app won’t allow me to push the start button so it has become useless. When it was working it would crash occasionally leaving me without tracking on the run. It’s good when it works so please fix it!!

App is getting buggy

Apple Watch runs no longer uploading to App. Have to add manually even when using Nike app on watch. Not sure how to contact support as links go to closed web pages. I really liked the app and sync with watch. Now it doesn’t work.

Mile Reliability

It’s a great app for running, but when I go on runs it tells me for example I ran 2 miles, but on my Health app on my iPhone it says I ran 2.8 or something like that.


Paused my run every 2 seconds of my run. Ruined the workout.

Best. App. Ever.

My phone died right as I finished my run one day, and I thought my amazing progress would be lost. However, it automatically saved my progress! The tracking is completely accurate and the fitness plan worked great.


I just ran half a mile faster than I ever have and it only recorded .13 miles of it

Annoying re log in after every update

Good app but just the fact that every time Im gonna go for a run after an update it logs me out and its a mission to find my login and re log in... why cant u save this info

Great app with some glitches

This is a great app. I just use the ‘free run’ mode when running, and find the mile splits, average pace, heart rate and current pace to be very accurate when used with the Apple Watch. Occasionally will not update recently finished runs on the watch - completed runs are sometimes not added to the ‘history’ section on the watch, but appear on the phone. The app seems to glitch when attempting to start a run, guessing this is because the watch is disconnecting from the iPhone when getting out of the Bluetooth range, but this is very annoying when trying to start a run but having to wait for the ‘countdown’ to start a run with the app.


Not another app that tracks and motivates me more, Nike out did itself with this GPS-running tracker.


Please fix this, i logged 35 miles in and started getting into a rhythm when all of a sudden i lost EVERYTHING


I’m stinks. Pauses workout repeated

Use a back-up running app with this

Multiple times I have started my workout (I hear it say “starting workout”) and about 10 minutes go by and I never hear my status. So I unlock my phone and the workout isn’t even on. I like the run plan on this app but I stared using Runkeeper as a back up so I can accurately log my miles. Also, anytime I’ve tried to use the headspace or any of the guides runs along with my Spotify, the music just stops after one song. I go back in and try to play it and it just won’t work so I gave up on trying those out as it’s so annoying to have to stop mid run to adjust.

Just FIX it

You would think an integrated Apple Nike+ watch and app would just work...wrong. This is very frustrating to use, I have trouble starting runs from the watch - push the big green button nothing. 5 min later watch and phone figure out I started. Pathetic equipment. Switch to Garmin after 2 years with this garbage.

Keeping Track

I am not a serious runner but jog 2 Times a week. Great app for reminding me of my pace and my history. Plus occasionally helps navigate back when I am not on known turf. Would prefer they add an elliptical setting and maybe tennis.

Not good

This app is not good

Buggy to the point of being unusable

Ever since the last update 3 weeks ago, this app is nearly unusable on my Apple Watch Series 2. I left 3* because I’ve been generally pleased with the app, but the last 3 weeks have me considering throwing in the towel and getting a fit bit.

So disappointed lately

I used to love this app, but over time as they’ve tried to make improvements, the app seems to have gotten worse. Halfway through guided runs, the app will glitch and exit, and when I reopen it, my run will be changed to a 5k no matter what, regardless of what I had been running before (benchmark run, timed tempo run, etc.). Spotify is unreliable, and as of today the app randomly booted me off of the plan I’ve been following for five weeks, and I can’t even make a new plan because race day is in two weeks! I’ve never felt so disappointed in an app before. I think it’s especially sad because it used to be a great app. Please create an update to resolve the bugs in the app because the fact that it can’t handle a simple running plan is incredibly disappointing, especially because I’ve been relying on the app for my training.


I love NRC . Use it every time I workout. One thing tho, it takes long to get started . From the time I press start to the 3,2,1 countdown . Any reason why?

Love it but...

Tried to use the app support link but it doesn’t work. The problem is I can no longer share my route to Facebook with iOS 12. Otherwise it works fine.

Life Changing App

The guided runs are amazing for me. They motivate and inspire me. I’ve been using this app for years. It’s lovely to have long-term record of my runs as well as praises from the recordings. Great job Nike!

Slow and glitchy

Have used this app for several months and it is becoming progressively more glitchy. App on phone is not syncing with app on my Apple Watch. When I start a run on my phone, it used to automatically start the run on my watch, but now it no longer does so. I also have to restart my watch literally every single day before launching the Nike run app because otherwise it won’t even let me start a run (start button completely unresponsive). This is super inconvenient because if I don’t remember to restart my watch until I’m about to start running, I have to delay my run by several minutes waiting for the watch to reboot. App will often freeze on my watch when I try to toggle between indoors and outdoors runs. During my last long run, the app on my watch quit itself multiple times and I thought I had lost 19+ miles of data; I re-opened the app and thankfully it started where I had left off, but why does it have to close by itself? Getting quite frustrated by the lagging and glitches and considering switching to a different system for tracking my runs.

Didn’t record run

I remember why I never use this app

Great app

I like how the app is coaching me by having my schedules on time and the way I can edit this.

Just doesn’t work

Have been holding out hope with each update that they will make this app work better with the Apple Watch, but so far no luck. It crashes or freezes about 50% of the time I open it, just trying to start a basic run, and lags significantly on just about everything. The one improvement to note is that the GPS tracking has gotten more consistent. But that doesn’t make up for the constant frustration any time I want to track a run. The only reason I continue to use this app is because of the hundreds of runs I’d already logged before the big update that made everything so frustrating.

Why doesn’t it just work?

On the watch, I have to constantly restart the app, and now it appears shut off and turn my watch back on to start a run. This adds 10 minutes of dead time to my fitness routine. And today, I got the joy of doing the same to try to get my run data off my watch after hitting stop and the app crashing. How hard is it? I used FitBit for years and never had nearly as many problems.


Unreliable during runs and at times when it does track my run it disappears after as if I never ran so days like today I lost out on 5 miles.

Great Running app

It is simple, smart and reliable also tracks your runs 🙌🏾

Pretty good

Pretty good app. Would have given 5 stars if the app would vocalize when you run your splits. There are many runs of 200m but you have to look at your device to know when you’ve covered that distance.

Apple Watch App is Worthless

Did another run today and the app on my $400 Nike Apple Watch would not turn off. So frustrating when you run 10 miles at a competitive run and you can’t stop your running app. I’ve logged 1336 miles with this app and I about to ditch it. Please figure this out Nike and Apple. How can you sell a watch/app combo and not have it work? Series 2 Apple Watch, 7 plus phone all up to date 😡

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Latest Update Ruined App

Updated app won’t connect to my chest strap HR monitor anymore. It also didn’t start the GPS on my run today until a couple minutes in. I’ve started using the Polar app so I can keep track of my HR, but realized the update Nike app won’t sync runs from my Polar app anymore either. I used to really liked the Nike app, but it’s pretty much worthless if the GPS and HR monitoring doesn’t work.


The app keeps freezing and crashing in the middle of runs.


Good job mocking those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.


I can’t believe I put up with this garbage app for so long. The Apple Watch app has terrible input lag, (1-3 seconds) crashes every time you pause, and past the 10mile tracking point it just stops working. Now I can’t even get it to open. These are complaints I’ve been reading about for years on forums. Apparently they don’t care to fix them. Switch to straps folks. This is just embarrassing.

Need To Fix

I have been using NRC since 2016 but now I have deleted it because a few months ago it started as just not telling me how many miles I have ran while I was running because I am used to looking at how many miles I have ran every few minutes when i’m in the middle of running. But i can’t do that anymore. And then a week ago I had finished my probably about 3 mile run ( i wouldn’t know how much because it didn’t tell me) and in the end it normally tells me how far i ran and it said i was running for 56 seconds and i ran 0.02 miles.

How does every “upgrade” make the app worse?

How does every “upgrade” make the app worse? Latest update loses the first leg of out and back runs for the route but maintains (maybe?) the full time.

Lost almost all of my training log

I LOVED this app. Used it for 2+ years. I had to upgrade my phone. When I logged back in to Nike Run Club I could see all of my previous runs but with no miles displayed, no times, pace, notes. All gone. The months all show the runs but tally zero. Almost 800 Miles gone. Went for a short run today to see if it would reset (after trying everything) and now shows me at 2 total miles. Very disheartening to lose almost everything. I’ll find a new app because of this but I loved this app. It was perfect...

Used to be great! Not now

With every update, the app gets slower and slower, and more frustrating. Give it up and go with another app!

Friends individual challenge

Im using this app for allmost 4 years.. Very good app, easy to work with. Only thing I miss is the part u can challenge a friend. Will be good to see this in the app again.

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