Nike+ Run Club App recensioner


Enough said

Still lame

Enough said!


Disaster, all my kilometers I have run are gone!

Update = Downgrade

Didnt save my lasy run... very anoying.

So far so good

Won’t let me change my birthday date

It won’t let me change my birth date when registering.


I really loved this app. It was pretty accurate on the treadmill which was great. But the last few times I’ve used it it has turned off and not tracked any of my runs. Very disappointing 🙁

Works alright. Love the guided runs

The guided runs make this app. Without it I would probably switch to Runkeeper. I came across GPS issues in the watch app where it doesn’t pick up my location. Run keeper has a gps signal icon within the app that lets you know the gps signal and will track your run. Only 2 out of my last 8 runs were actually tracked. The other 6 were not. I tried contacting mike but they keep having me uninstall and reinstall the app to try to fix all my issues. All they need to do is request GPS when I start the app. Maybe put an icon in the watch app to let me know my location is set.

BPM Issues

I have updated, deleted, reinstalled and turn off/on all metrics and yet the BPM still does not work.

Bad coach

I’m using the my coach feature and I came up with a few problems. My plan is a 8 week plan, and my NTC workout did not register. I thought maybe the transfer of apps cause that fault, so I let it go. The next day I run 1.25 miles for my recovery run I finish the workout only to see that it did not register. What a bummer and I recommend this app to 3 friends.

Doesnt work right away

App has glich. Takes a couple of times to get it working right.


I’ve used this app for about a month now and it’s not bad I like the gps feature and the curated playlist for any style of running I was a little confused about what the ‘Nike fuel points’ were but they work as a step counter, wish that it worked towards getting Nike stuff I think that would attract a lot more people.


Totally gets you motivated to get out and go! I feel like I have a coach again!

New update lost all my Running history

How can I be on this app for eight years and now Nike wants to erase all my running history. Over 2200 miles in eight years.

One of the best workout apps

If you are a runner this is a must-have app before I got this app I was running but I didn't know how far but now that I have this app it tells me how far I've run and I can set a certain distance goal like half a mile and go on a run and it will tell me when I've completed half a mile great app and very easy to set up and use👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

I love it !

This app is amazing !!!! I’m so glad I was told about it !

Mixed Feelings

I first started using this app when I got my Apple Watch, and was running my first 10k. I love how continent the coach planning is. The only downfall is it cuts out, A LOT! So it defeats the purpose of offering coached runs or benchmark runs when it won’t record your progress accurately to use the adjustment feature as you progress.

The mileage seems off...

I Thought it was just me but ut seems that the mileage is a but off. It says I’ve ran a longer distance than I’ve actually ran.


Somehow with each update it seems to get more annoying, from the constant pop ups before a run asking you to check out something, to hijacking my music and constantly pausing it if I’m using apples default music app, and always logging you out after each update. Now I am unable to login to the app, and constantly getting a server is unavailable error, making it basically useless.

Watch tends to crash

Watch crashes at end of runs 1 out of 5 times.

My Spotify

My Spotify premium don’t play

Pretty good app, but...

I love using this app, it is really useful in seeing my progress as a runner. It is also fairly user friendly and easy to use. My only complaint is how utterly broken the “pace” feature is. I don’t know how the app calculates your instantaneous pace, all I know is that it is horribly wrong. For example, I can run a 6’ mile, and my instantaneous pace is entirely between 7’45’’ and 8’15’’. You don’t have to be an expert in Calculus to recognize the problem here. I really love this app, and would like for the developers to address the issue of instantaneous pace, or at least explain to me how it calculates it.


I have restarted and redownloaded this app several times and it still crashes on my phone so I have no other problems since I can’t even use the app. I didn’t have any problems until the recent update! Smh

Not effective anymore

I have been using the Nike+ running app for over two years now. I even bought the Nike+ Apple Watch to increase my use of this app. However, after many updates it seems this app is going backwards with regards to performance. On the watch the app can take up to 1 minute to load. Additionally, just to start a workout takes effort to start the app. I have to tap the screen multiple times to get it to begin. The GPS works fine, but I question the motion results for the distance run as being off by more than .2 miles. If more updates would focus on the functionality of this app and not just adding more stuff that would be beneficial. Additionally, if this app would detect performance better without the buggy ness of this app I might consider using it again. Right now UA Map my Run works fine.

Headspace and Nike

A dream combination listening to Andy Puddicombe and Coach Bennet. A great collaboration between these men and their respective missions to keep us healthy. Thanks gents.

Does not open on iPhone X

Love the app, use it with all my friends and never had a problem until I switched to the iPhone X, now it only opens the first time and then every time I want to use it I have to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work that one time. Screen turns on goes back and then backs out and the app is open in the background but I can’t actually get to it after the first use.

Getting very bad

Gets glitchier by the day. Closed out and didn’t save half way through my run. Takes 2 minutes to even start a run after opening.


It would be great if we miss a day (run) at the end of the week, we could still go back to that week and run it. Currently it doesn’t allow you to go back, once the week is finished.

Least Likely Candidate

When I started I hated running! But the playlists, the guided run options, the headspace options!!! They are perfect no matter your starting point! Today I just did a mile at 16 minutes. I started at 23 minutes per mile! This is what a little effort and great badges has done for me. So if you aren't a runner, start with the “I don't wanna run,Run” and you are half way there!!!

México le ganó a Alemania

Its dope how its all free and it really helps im glade this app exists.

Not recommended

It worked for 1 minute then wouldnt stop pausing my workout I do not renamed downloading this it does not work if I could I would give it a negative 1000 star review

app got worse with the update

been using the app for years, but since the last couple of updates I can’t use the app on my Apple Watch every time I start the app on my Apple Watch it crashes please fix in the mean time I switch to Strava

Still no option to disable hidden/undocumented audio

Update on June 17, 2018: after the latest update, my already playing audio halts when I touch the QuickStart link. I have a new workaround to do: 1) actually start my run, then 2) restart the audio I was previously enjoying. I’ve given up expecting this app to let me run when I want and listen to what I want without interference. I love everything this app does with time, distance, and routes. I greatly dislike the inability to turn off all audio. Even though I set Audio Feedback to OFF, I still get some noise at the beginning, middle, and end of my run. It talks about a goal I've never set during a run. Where does that come from? This is annoying. More importantly, it can be unsafe. I ended one run recently and heard a noise I thought was a screeching vehicle approaching behind me. I flinched. Turns out is was the increasing applause auto snippet. What other undocumented sounds I have yet to hear will surprise me? You'd think that a setting of OFF meant OFF. Who's talking when I run on Sunday? Where's the option to turn that OFF? After many 5.0 updates, preventing control over audio for an app I paid for is unacceptable. Not every user of this app wants the noise the Nike markinging dept assumes we want. Did anyone else notice the bulk of 5 star ratings here are posted in a two day range? Hardly a random set of user input. Instead of skewing reviews with suspicious, insincere posts, how about returning to core functionality that users can control-- just like the way the app used to work?

Some improvements needed

Coached runs are excellent hope to see new ones in the future. Maybe even some that match your mood, like a mood category. Tracks well, leaderboard is fun. Would also like to see an option to share friends or add friends from another friends screen. Maybe even a ID feature where you can more easily be found!

Challenges aren’t completing

Not sure if anyone else had this problem? But my challenges aren’t showing as complete even though it has my logged miles in the challenge that clearly shows that I’ve surpassed the needed miles for the challenge. It just shows as a previous challenge.


I’m a amateur runner I love this app, the support I get from other runner and the guided runs. The only thing I wish was different was at the end of a run the app would prompt you to sprint it out and that there were more guided runs that we longer for marathon training.

very buggy and half assed

the my coach capability doesn’t work at all with just the apple watch 3, and it also crashes regularly on the iphone

Watch can’t handle it

They keep pumping features and newscasts into the watch app and the thing just can’t handle it. Constantly takes forever to get a run to start only for it to crash and lose all my info. And that’s if it doesn’t decide i need to connect to my phone to set it up again which it does at least once a week.

Love and suggestions

Love it all! Would like to see hill training incorporated into the training plans. And is it possible to know when you reach the distance on sprint training? I hate having to watch the screen to know when I get to the specified distance.

Nike’s running app has gotten worse and worse

I have logged more than 7,000 kilometers using Nike running watch and now Apple Watch with Nike run club. The initial release of this app for the Apple Watch was so great but now what a mess! Crashes often, after a long run, the app suddenly crashes and nothing is logged. Starting and stopping is so slow and watch app Is often unresponsive. I am ready to say good bye and using another app! Bye, Nike!

Dig this app.

Take it to the next level with NRC. SHUT UP & RUN!

Average pace/month is now broken too

I completely agree. Each update this app gets worse. No even monthly pace averages don’t work anymore. I have been members since 2012. Goodbye Nike, time to find a better app.


It’s complete garbage when it comes to music. Whenever I get off my home WiFi into LTE it stops working (and yes I checked to see if I turned on cellular data for both Spotify and NRC). Music is the biggest factor for me because I’m not going to be running in silence. Other than that, I’d say the app is pretty flawless. I’d actually use it if it meant I could listen to music while I run.


GPS is not consistent whatsoever! I do the same runs all the time and it gives me different distances each time, at first I thought it was my phone but it’s not I have under armour app and that works great.

What’s going on?

All my data is gone. Now I can’t even login, it tells me that it can’t connect to servers. Am I doing something wrong? This has been going on for days. When I go to the developers side, it reads that they’re doing maintenance. And it gives a number to call 7 days a week. But when I call the recording says only Mon to Fri.

Lost me at Register

Cant even get an account created. Should be simple.... username exist ✅ password reset ✅ phone for a secret text code 😳. Cant get past this step. This should be easy.

Needs a better social feed

I wish on the leaderboard it showed a feed of activity of both me and my connections, instead of just total miles. The same detail shown for just me on the Activity page (date, run title, miles, pace, etc). It’s fun to see what people are doing, especially races and such. That’s the big thing I think is missing from this app that others I’ve used have.

I hated running but I love this App!

I’ll start with the amazing things about Nike Run Club. The guided runs on this app were exactly what I needed to jumpstart my training. I was (still am) fat and out of shape. I started using NRC a few weeks ago and I ran 4 miles today. Idk how they get our butts moving that well but man is it great. My ONLY negative and the only reason I’m giving 4/5 stars (I’d really give it 4.9 stars) is that the app/iPhone (also possibly happening when I try to do runs indoors with the Apple Watch workout app but I’m less sure there) severely under reports my distance travelled when I run on an INDOOR track (Im in Texas in June, it’s too dang hot to run outside after work and I have no clue about treadmills as my fat butt and feet makes the treadmills cry). I thought that this underreporting had happened a couple times but I wasn’t counting laps then, but then today I tracked my laps and it was underreporting my pace by at least a minute (for example, during one stretch, I know I was running at about and 8 min/mile pace based on laps run and a large digital clock with second and the app told me I was at 9 min, 30 seconds per mile.) I think this is probably a twofold issue. 1. GPS doesn’t work great inside and 2. I am about 6’6” tall so my super long legs may take longer strides than the app accounts for (yes I did put in my height Nd weight on the app but even still, my legs are a lot longer than average 6’6” people.) Not sure exactly what method they are using to judge distance covered inside, (gps or step count) but either way not perfect. My early morning Outside runs seem to be much more accurate because it uses GPS for sure. This is a very small issue and I’m just factoring that into my training, but I have a fitness test next month so the pace really does matter for me. If you are just trying to get in shape, please try this app. I hated (still don’t love) running, but this app really does help me find more within myself and pushes me to be more active everyday. Shout out to Coach Becs whose beautiful voice (and accent) have been the perfect way to find my running legs. Sincerely, Dad Bod

The app is slow

This app is ridiculously slow compared to what it does. I mean, what's so complicated in loading a largely static GUI with a map? loads 10x faster, and even the convoluted mess of takes no more than 10 sec to load. On my iPhone 5, launching takes 1 min (!) and the app would freeze for another 20 sec before i can do anything. During work out if I want to unlock the screen, it will freeze 10 sec. Similar things can be seen on Watch versions of this app. Nike+ was good. Shame on you Nike.

Aline Garcilazo

Best app ever, keep you motivated and competitive with yourself, is easy to use and set up for indoor and outdoor runs.

Excellent app, but…

I’ll give ya 5 stars as soon as I can use My Coach on my Apple Watch. Hope it’s in the works.

1 gripe

Why can’t I see my friends’ runs? Would be nice to see a friend’s run by going into their history 🤷‍♂️

Adds 5-10 minutes to my run time

App adds 5-10 minutes to my runtime every other time that I use it because I have to stop and trouble shoot why it isn’t allowing me to use my Nike Apple Watch! I just don’t understand why i have to setup my watch for use with Nike run club multiple times a month. What ever happened to “it just works”. Next watch is going to be a Casio and I’m just going to time my runs the old fashioned way.


SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE AND USE ANOTHER RUNNING APP. ANY OTHER RUNNING APP! Constantly crashing and/or inaccurate GPS. I run in an urban area with great LTE signal.


Good iPhone app but it sometimes glitches on my Apple Watch series 2

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